In 1946, a handful of concerned citizens of Southfield
Township recognized the need to assist a small
number of families for the Holiday Season.  The group
chose to pursue this mission by emulating the traditional Goodfellows program. Community, religious, and service organizations, as well as companies and local government, were each asked to commit two
members to direct this effort. The response was
overwhelming and the Southfield Goodfellows
organization was born.

Since those early beginnings, Southfield and Lathrup
Village have become incorporated cities whose needs
have grown along with their population.  We continue to
expand our efforts year after year and tailor our program
to meet the ever-changing needs of these communities.
Services we provide
Requests for assistance come from a range of ages,
family units, and diverse cultures. Our clients include
many single-parent families, families headed by
unemployed or physically impaired breadwinners, as
well as senior citizens.  The incomes of all our clients
fall within the Federal poverty guideline as established
by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
2023 Officers

Iris Thompson
Mary Ann O'Rourke
Beverly Hawks
Director, Food Acquisition
and Distribution  
Fulton Smith
Director, Newspaper and
Newsletter Publication
Sydnee Thompson
Director, Newspaper
Sydnee Thompson
Director, Gifts and Toys
Mary Ann O'Rourke
Southfield Goodfellows
No child or senior should be forgotten at the holiday season...
The Need
The Southfield Goodfellows receive recommendations
from social workers, school personnel, religious
institutions, police and fire departments, and concerned
citizens to identify both families and individuals in need
in the Southfield and Lathrup Village communities.  A
case worker at the City of Southfield Human Services
Department reviews these recommendations and
arranges for the submission of Request for Assistance
forms to the Southfield Goodfellows in order to qualify

Qualified applicants receive food boxes and food
certificates.  Families with children, enrolled in high
school and younger, also receive gifts and clothing
certificates for each child.  This is accomplished
through fundraising events and donations of food and
toys from schools, individuals, groups, and
corporations.  Purchases are made possible by funds
raised through general solicitation to the community
and our newspaper sale.  Packages are prepared at
our distribution center for pickup by recipients in mid-December.  
Packages for senior citizens and those with special
needs are delivered.