Testimonials from Recipients...
Southfield Goodfellows
No child or senior should be forgotten at the holiday season...
Dear Goodfellows,
We take this time to thank you for our Christmas.  The
children like their new clothes. I especially like the can
goods with the pull open tabs, as can openers are
sometime hard to manage.  
Thank you again for being so kind to us this season.

Merry Christmas
Wishing you everything joyous, merry, and bright.  
Thank you for all your help.

Dear Southfield Goodfellows,
You are too good to me!
Thank you & Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Southfield Goodfellows,
Thanks so much for your help.  Your help was
appreciated very much – you certainly have a special
Thank you

Southfield Goodfellows
Thank you.
The holidays are the perfect time to say thank you!

Appreciate you so much!
Thanks for all your hard work and thoughtfulness.  God
bless all of you.

Dear Goodfellows,
I hope you know how much you’re appreciated.
Thank you so much!